May - June 2015
Experience and test the benefits of beacons live
with GFM Nachrichten to the theme park in Vienna

Beacon LIVE Tour

Open field test of location based services and marketing

Within the theme park for location technologies and services the LOC-Place incubator installed a field test inside and around Europe's largest Shopping Outlet Center as well as in the tourism region around Lake Neusiedl. There companies can experience live which possible applications await the technology and what additional value it generates.

The benefit aswell as the customer experience are displayed live while up-to-date technologies like beacons, geo  fencing, navigation, tracking, augmented navigation and more are tested.

Currently you can experience 20 different use cases at 8 stations in a neutral and independent manner.

All about beacons!
For one day, everything is about Beacons. For only 890 € p.p.
11 May
19 May
9 June
23 June
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Knowledge is power!

Testings of the beacon technology have the purpose to verify its usefullness and to gather experience for further developments.  But outsiders have rarely the chance to experience more than just the normal users' view. An exception here is the beacon theme park managed by LOC-Place in Austria, which is supported by the Location Based Marketing Association (LBMA). „There has been written a lot about bluetooth low energy beacons in the last few weeks - but mostly from a disppointed point of view. No wonder, since you have to truly understand beacons to be able to use them right" says Carsten Szameitat, CEO of LOC-Place, incubator for location technologies.

Together with GFM Nachrichten the company offers guided tours through the park, during which the technology is not only explained but you can also try and experience it for yourself. The focus here is not only put on marketing cases but the beacons are also used in hotels, workshops and for indoor navigation. This turns the theme park into a worldwide unique experience.

Facts and figures


One-day location based marketing tour to regional top companies including Europe's biggest outlet center



Beneficial USE-CASES with beacons for Devices with Apple iOS 5, Google Android 4.3, WinPhone 8, Black Berry 10 or above

Topics (Excerpt)

    • The field test is testing the acceptance of location based tools in everyday life, gives universal conclusions and compiles recommended actions
    • Different solution providers as well as regional coverage partners from different branches are part of the project
    • The benefit and customer experience are demonstrated live while up-to-date technologies like beacons, geo fencing, augmented navigation and more are tested

Tours for

  • Retail - OFFLINE & ONLINE, brand industry
  • Shopping malls & airports
  • FMCG industry
  • Media, agencies & advertisers
  • Banks, financial service producers & insurances
  • Tourism, hotels and catering
  • Information- a. communication technology branch


890,00 € plus VAT


Katjana Kauer, Tel: +49 8122-955625, k.kauer@11prozent.

Angelique Szameitat,


Konferenz - Online Event Management mit der Ticketing-Lösung von XING EVENTS

per person



Station 1: LOC headquarters / basic lecture beacons

In a two-hour lecture you receive all relevant national and international informations on current location based services incl. beacon technologies, numbers / volume and theire use cases. You will learn how global players position themself within rheir branche. Afterwards a guided tour through the museum of future technologies takes place.

Download of the field test app iOS / Android


Station 2: Hotel business

In one of the most attractive conference and business hotels in the Burgenland service and orientation will be presented with a fokus on individual greeting during check-in. Experinece live, how guests can be taken care of in the future. iOS / Android


Station 3 & 4: Retail & Tourism (outlet center Pandorf)

In the biggest outlet center in Europe with over 700 brands the following activities take place:

1) Generating opt-ins for tourist attractions and our partners.
Excess value: prividing regional attractions

2) Retail case: Flagship store of a renowned, cross- & up-selling between locations iOS / Android


Station 5: Production plant

In the rooms of a well known austrian wine brand with an award-winning vinyard a livecase will be shown in the showroom with its own indoor navigation solution within a closed environment. iOS App

Participants of the field test will receive here an exclusive excess value provided by the plant.


Station 6: Catering

In a Restaurant customer flow / tracking, movement data & cross selling will be displayed anonymously. How can geo fencing add to the beacon experience. iOS / Android


Station 7: Rental

Here a live demo is testing the behaviour of beacons in the vicinity. Push notifications an delayed reminders play an important role here.


Station 8: Indoor navigation

At the end of the day real indoor orientation over multiple levels including navigation to points of interest will be demosntrated. A feedback session will summarize and structure the collected knowledge of the use cases.


End of the day

Sailing incentive
Learn & Sail

Workshop: 3 hours theory, 5 hours practice, 9 am to 5 pm, LOC-Sail: 4 hours sailing, esxperience real beacons from 6 to 10 pm

Delve into the experience: switch from BLE beacons to real ones during the sailing incentive on Lake Neusiedl.

Bitte beachten


Since you are taking part at a full-time guided toor we recommend casual business or casual attire. Sturdy footware is advisable as well as sunscreen since our tour takes place in one of the sunniest regions of Austria.

Minimum number of participants

A minimum number of five partcipants is required for the tour. If this is not the case seven days before your tour, it won't take place. Then it is possible for you to take part at another date.

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